Wednesday, June 02, 2010


i don't like people who doesn't have respect to other's opinion.
u can argue with me,
but argue with respect.
don't simply insult other's opinion.
especially when u insult things that i like.
its like ure insulting me as well.
i honestly don't like it at all.
that's is when i start being rude.
i like mature people.
don't act like a child.
if ure not, stop being one.
but who am i to judge u, or to change u?
in times u'll learn.
i dont mind.
i'll be having an exam in a few weeks time.
i have lots of work to do.
lots of project to do.
u dont have any idea about it.
and please don't blame me for being such an ass.
when u steps into my world, u'll know.
i was never thought to hate anyone.
never never never.
i never hate anyone.
look at urself and grow up.
i hate it when u insult me.

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