Friday, June 11, 2010

i'm just a man

i am just a man.
i cannot offer u anything.
i cannot give u anything besides my heart.
i'm just a man who can make coffee.
i'm a man of my own.
i'm not good looking.
but i do have some chinese blood in me.
i don't know how to cook.
but i do know how to eat.
i'm just a man.
i don't have any talents,
but i do know how to make people smile.
and i know how to smile back at them.
and i'll make them keep on smiling.
forever and ever.
i'm just a man.
i don't have a strong heart.
but i have a very sensitive heart.
i get mad easily and i cool down easily.
i have lots of tears
and because of that, when it falls,
it falls like a pouring rain.
i'm just a man.
i was born on 16th February 1988.
and i was born with loads of love.
i was born not to hate people.
i have a name,
that have a meaning.
mohd syafiq is the name.
and it means loving.
i've been carry this name for over 22 years now.
and will keep on carry this name until the world comes to and end.
i'm just a man.
i'm not sweet
not because i ate and drank less sugar foods and drinks.
because i'm just a man,
doesnt mean that i have no feelings.
i write what i feel.
eventho sometimes i dont know what i feel.
but all the times, i know what i feel.
and it comes right from the heart,
with a little bit of thinking,
purely from heart.
not from my mind.
i'm just a man.
i'm not a good liar.
when i dont like it,
i'll say it loud and clear.
i'm just a man.
who doesn't like to drive.
i'd love to be the co-driver,
and i can talk talk and talk
until u ask me to stop talking.
i'll stop for 5 seconds before i talk again.
i'm just a man
who loves to talk.
i'm just a man
who is very bad at memorizing things.
i cant remember ur phone number,
i cant remember ur birthday.
but i do remember some birth date.
14/12, 3/3, 28/3, 22/8, 8/9, 7/12,11/2.
because they are the most important person in my life.
sometimes i lost with date.
but i have facebook to help me out.
i'm not a person with full of surprise.
i dont care what people say about me.
but i do care people when they say about my loved ones.
and i dont know how to protect myself
but all i know is i'll protect my loved ones,
i'll fight for them even if i know they dont need me.
i'm just a man.
who write this blog.
and i'll write this blog eventho i know
not everyone will read it.

i'm just a man.


TurTleFx said...

i read it :P

syafiq kadir said...

well, i'm just a man. :)

Fharina said...

saya nampak bday saya disitu :))

syafiq kadir said...

yeke bday awak? :D
saya pun tak igt lah bday sape. randomly put there.
kalau bagi surat cinta ni kt perempuan, diorg cair tak ryn? :P