Monday, July 27, 2009

lil bit bout that, lil bit bout this..

hey, since i'm currently starting to blogging again here i wanna share sumthing lil bit bout aussie..and my journey here..


well, lets begin with the day i flew here..its the saddest day in my life.
living my sisters and my bother..
with my big green bag..i walk slowly with sorrows..and at the same time, i can say..excited.
its my dream to study overseas..everyone has..i'm very sure.
ahaha. not everyone shows up when i'm going..nevermine..i knw u all bz.
and yg datang on that day, apek and adi..thanks dude.
lu org mmg my bestfren.

8 hours flite i think..then we arrived..aussie! its summer..yet it quite cold sbb breeze dye.
hmm..and gy malaysian hall!
ade small briefing..and bla..bla..
we stay at backpackers! and till now, we r knwn as "the backpackers"
here my life begin.

"sydney ouh sydney"
erm..well, here are some paces that i've been so far.
and more to come i think in the future if..if..ade byk duit.
1st place..u shud go the oprah house! and thru the journey under the big2 harbour bridge.hah! well, itu trademark aussie kan. so pegy la tgk..cantek.

and while going to oprah house, go to the chinatown kejap..maen try2 dye punye maharaja punye ade pedang. since i'm in love with red, so i choose red, ditambah wit my sepet eyes..u can say that i look like on of those character in crite kungfu cina.hehehehe,

err..then, if sempat, go to the fish market..makan lobster sana.
sedap gile! mmm..hahaha..macam2 ade..and i order lobster can see in that many things..but! becareful..ade yg ade pig. so becareful bfore order..and ask them if ure not sure. :)

"what's happening during winter break"

well, if u hev money, u can go anywhere u wanna go though. ahah. but this is a lil bit what happened during the holiday.
1st, went to bondi was a picnic wif the gurls...ahah. but, at that day, tak ramai pon org kt beach tu..hahaha..but well, the beach was awesome la beb! cantik gile. nice place to relax ur mind..

then, we went to zoo..jumpe koala sane..and ther so many animals ther that i dun think i rmember thier names..hahaha..its sort of sgt banyak nk tulis kalau igt pon.

and ther was a charity gig happening in conjuction with the NCG (national confrence games) sukan tu, is for every malaysian student in whtever district or uni kt aussie to compete..and malam tu ade la gig..ant battle of the bands..
flopp poppy pon gile. sbb i think the crowd ws not so ramai, so they can actually lepak2 ngn kitorg after the show..infact sempat sembang2 and isap rokok same2..taking pictures togather.
i can say that each one of the ppl who came that nite surely wil hev a picture wif them. :) these are some selected pictures from wht happende during that holiday.

so that is a lil bit happened during the winter break, a lil bit what happende when 1st i came here..and a lil bit bout my journey here..

well..thats fr now..i'll be back soon..see ya!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


my housmates are da balik sini.
and, byk la stok baru sampai.
sgale rempah ratus, pes2, kek, and macam2 ade.
paling tabole blah when thes sumone ni, actually kirim baju raya from malaysia.
and the rest, nothing much i can tell.
so good nite.
hope to keep on bloging after this onwards.
oh yeah.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


ah, i wanted to start writing blog back again.
its been, a very..very..long time.hahaha.
been very busy..very MALAS as i supposed the rite word to say.
and today, cuti pon as u can see, dah nak abis.
and next week will start a new sem.
ah, hw i wish i cud go back to malaysia.
well, a good start i hope with blogging.
till next time.