Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When all the people against you, i'll be with you. I promise.

Dear Haziyah,

When everything in this world against you,
I'll be with you.
When your best friend talk behind your back,
They probably dont remember what friends mean.
When your friends commented about us,
They probably dont remember how they were when they're in love with someone.
When all the people mad at you,
I'll be cheering for you whenever and wherever i am.
When all they know is saying bad things about me,
I dont care because i'll be marrying you, not them.
When all the people turning their back against you,
Hold my hands they are yours to hold.
Cry on my shoulder because they probably dont remember friends are'nt supposed to be that way.
When everything that u did for them is just another thing,
I'll say thank you because they probably forgot how to thank people.
When sarcasm u got by cook something for them,
Cook for me instead I'll eat them like i've never eat before.
They probably dont remember all you need is some appreciation for keeping your promise. Because that is what friends for.
When you say u'd do anything for me and they make fun of you,
They probably did the same thing if they're in your shoe. Its just that they forgot about it. Dont blame them. :)
They forgot how beautiful love can be.
And how crazy they can be.

Believe me, when all the people against you,
I'll be with you. Forever.


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