Monday, December 01, 2008

its been a while

its been awhile actually...
da lame gle tak tulis blog ni..
well, been busy wif work, granting a student visa...
result exam pon da dpt..
n i'm glad tht i pass it eventho ckup2 je..
janji fly!
aussy! here i come!
this week raye aji..
hev to go to kl cz my sis will not be able to come back home...
it hs been a crazy november!
itu ini itu ini...
bt alhamdulillah..
everything is settle down.
to all my frens, i miss u all..
well, thts it fr today..i'll be back tmrw yea??
c ya!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


no class..
so i woke up quite late..around ten!
i take my shower, n go to the library...
stdy fr my final...
bcoz i'm fasting today...


i did nothing much...
ouh ya..
by the way, thanks ryn fr calling me the other day..
miss u la babe...=)

after jumaat prayer,
plan to go to movie..
"speed racer"

=k lah, thats it for today i guess...
better cntinue my studies..
bye babe!=

Monday, May 05, 2008

its been a while lah..

hello everyone...
its been a long2 time since i wrote my last blog.
been very bz with my studies..
on this coming 19th may, i'll b sitting for my final exam...
better be prepared frm now...kan??
chuak la nk exam...
i just finish my trial..
although not so good but i must say overall i'm a average student..
i did't get any 'D'
aha...but bad grades fr my physics....
to those my ferns, keep up the good work lets achieve 15 togather!
go! go!
*special note to all my frens, good luck!

on 30th of april
i've watch iron man...
that was very cool..
trust me..
its worth it...
after watching that mv,
i went to mamak or we used to call it 'bistro'
makan roti nan cheese!
my fevret..
n day after that, ther was majlis doa restu for us...
my parents came!
a very good morale booster fr my coming exams!

last but not least, since this is my 1st blog since fr the past few motnhs,
i'm sorry bcoz no picture this time...
i will attached sum pictures later...
k lah better get going...

c u later...