Saturday, May 29, 2010


aha. i did nothing today.
yeah! hell yeah! its like the final is another few weeks je,
but i havent study barely anything yet. hahahaha.
but i'm on my way to study lah now.
oh ya, btw, i've listened to new muse song called "neutron star collision"
it was fucking cool.
my favourite band. and they're comming to sydney this december!
hell yeah i'll go!
ticket will only b available on 7th of june!
balik malaysia probably lambat a week or so.
sabar lah kawan2. i know u miss me already.
baru sebulan away from malaysia, org da tanya2 "bila nak balik pik"
rindu sangat la tu. hehehe.
and and and tadi, bukak facebook. and waaooow.
someone removed me from her friend list!
i was like, ouh? okay. okay.
fine fine fine.
hate me baby hate me baby!
i know ure not going to.
i'm evil i'm bad.
i dun give a damn! whatafak?
but to removed someone from ur frenlist, its rude.
damn rude. its not rude when u dunno them,
but for someone who knw u, and then removed u from her or his frenlist,
that's fucking rude.
what did i do?
haha. ok fine. ure just another girl.
i can be rude too u know?


HEROICzero said...

heh~ rasa mcm, x puas ati an.. tetibe nak remove2.. damn!

Fharina said...


syafiq kadir said...

adil, entah. aku tak kesah diremoved! tapi kene ada good reason la! thats fine wif me man.
aku busy, tak dapat nk entertain sume org, maafkan aku lah kalau aku layan tapi layan macam tahik ke ape.
fm, i'm pretty much pissed off.unfuckingbelievable. without no reason. thats why i'm mad.
skype with me if u free later ok? i'll tell u.

Fharina said...

okay tapi kan fiq dh nk exam.tell me when you're free.

syafiq kadir said...

yg buat busy and tade masa adalah bila fiq masih ade kelas. tapi. mnggu ni adalah mggu last class, so after that is study week. consider i'm free during that time lah. :)