Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm not single

I dunno why, i fell in love with "i'm not single" movie.
I've been watching it like 4 times i think. Twice in the last 2 days.
And the soundtrack, sang by "dakmie" has been repeating over n over again..
I wanna b as patient as adam.
I wanna be as caring as he is.
I wanna be as loving as he is.
I wanna have a wife as pretty as lisa surihani. :P
Dun ask me why, i just love that movie.
Trust me, i'm gonna watch it again later. Hahaha.
Ok, i'm single actually. Mama, carikan abg isteri. At 1 condition,
Mesti cantik mcm lisa surihani plis? Tu je. Ok bye. Sambung study.

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hala2 SK....name pule leh minat lisa surihani....not cool beb....
hahahah btw...cun gak la die tu..dlm cte V3.....suke tgk die pkol2 org..ngeh~

syafiq kadir said...

macam chipsmore dia ni hilang2.
buleh2. cooooool lah dia.
she looks sweet.
tak suka dia ganas2. suka dia macam dalam i'm not single. :)
lepas ni dalam LBS pulak, ouhhhh,,awww...cannot wait!