Sunday, May 09, 2010


Semalam, i went to john mayer's concert at sydney entertaiment park! Damn he was awesome!
Gila babi ramai org. But then we were bit unlucky to sit at the back.
Agak jauh la sebenanya.
Plus tade big screen pulak tu.. We can hardly see him perform malam tu.
But the sound was great, the atmosphere was electrifying, same as how he play wif his guitar..
Sgt cool!
Eventho i didnt rily like minat john mayer.. But he put up rily great show last nite.
Seriously. :)
Best! John john john!
And today as we all know.. Is
"mother's day"
So happy mother's day to my lovely mama.. And all mama in the world..
Everyday is a mother's day..
She's the queen of my heart..
She raised me up til now..
She gave me almost everything..
She gave her life for me..
She coloured my life wif lots of love..
If i ask her wud she die fr me, she'll probably gonna say, i risk my own life to give birth of me..
If i ask her do u love me,
She wud probably gonna say.. Name one thing dat i did in the last 22 years that shows i didnt love u.. Trust me, ure not going to find one.
If i ask her if she cud love me til the end?
She wud probably gonna say.. I loved u ever since u were born..

Mama mama maafkan abg kalau abg pernah membuat mama berasa sedih..
Mama mama abg bersalah kalau membuat mama berair mata..
Mama mama abg rindukan mama
Mama mama abg sygkan mama
Mama mama disaat ini abg amat2 sedih terigt kan mama
Mama mama abg byk bersalah pada mama
Mama mama terima kasih mama.. Tidak terbalas jasa mama pada abg..
Selamat hari ibu buat mama yg tercinta.. Nora bt mohd tahir..

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