Monday, October 05, 2009


well, cudnt find a suitable time to write blog.
been busy with raya and all the open house.
today is the last day of my 1 week mid term break.hahaha. baru ada masa nk tulis since thers no open house today.

"raya ouh raya"
the first day of raya was at m'sian hall. damn lah so many people ther. its my 1st experience celebrating raya here. eventho its not the best as raya in malaysia, but then we all gather in 1 place and dapat raya sama2 wif all my frens jadi best pulak.
here, i'll share some pic taken on that day.see how many people there. this is just some of them. pon da ramai kan.
not bad la actually. the food was awesome! different types of food ada. and thers lontong, laksa johor pon ada lah! oh ya, i'm wearing redish orange baju melayu on that day.
oh well, i knw its hot. :P

here some of the pic with all my housemates..hmm..well, we do have a problem during raya. man..we are older enough. stop acting like a child lah.grow up. haih. malas lah nk cerita what and why and who kan. raya2 ni..malas nk spoil kan blog ni.

during this 1 week break, there were so many open house lah kan..
this one was at stanmore girls place. the girl in front of me is shiera. ahaha. i thought that this picture was cute kan. so i upload it. :)
then after that, the next day there was a "potluck" lead by irfan. ahaha. we manage to gather a big potluck involving ex-KMS. yeah babeh. and it was fuc*ing awesome. there were lots..lots of food. and the most important thing, is we all manage to gather all of us. yeah! and it was fun! i just cant stop eating. haih. going to cut some food after this. seing all the picture, i look so fat. kan?
"oh man, ada org snap i'm eating a chicken"

hahaha. this blog is for ryn. i wanted to tell her about how's my raya here. and there u go dear. and more to come in the future.
i miss you :)
til next time everyone!


Fharina said...

oh yeah dah update!
best best best.
woah rmai la jugak kan ;)
good for you,x de sedih2 sgt kan.

btw thanks and i miss you too :)

syafiq kadir said...

hehehehe..da update dah. happy? i know its very late. tp i tulis la jgak kan.
i miss u even more babe. dah. tak sedih dah. bole lah..hehe.